Areas of Practice

At the Bradley K. Williamson Law Office, located in Killeen, Texas near the Fort Hood Army Post we strive to provide quality legal services tailored to fit your individual need.  As no two cases are alike, we will provide the services you need to to fit your situation.  Whether you are going through a divorce, child custody case, child support case, CPS case, or are being charged with a criminal offense, your case will be handled in a professional manner as you should expect.

Our law office provides legal services in the Central Texas area for family cases, including divorce, child custody, child support, Attorney General cases, CPS cases, and criminal defense..  Our attorney has handled many legal matters and proved that we are committed to excellence in client advocacy and service, dedicated to providing quality representation of clients in a cost efficient and timely manner, and committed to providing the best possible work and obtaining the best possible result for the best possible price to our clients.

Contact our office today at 254-634-0604 to schedule your free consultation.

Child Protective Services

If your family has been affected by Child Protective Services (CPS), our office can help.  We have extensive experience handling cases from the investigative stage, court hearins, jury trials, as well as appeals of an order terminating parental rights. No case is the same, and our office offers affordable representation during your most trying time as a parent.

We have experience representing parents and children, as well as other family members in CPS proceedings in Bell, Coryell, and Lampasas Counties.  If you have questions about your rights, have had your children removed, or you are a relative of children who have been removed by CPS, call our office today at 254-634-0604 to schedule your free initial consultation with our Attorney.

Family Law

Issues regarding your family should be taken seriously and handled professionally.  The Bradley K. Williamson Law Office understands the importance surrounding the legal issues involved in family matters.  We understand how stressful and complicated things may get and we do all that we can to protect you, your rights, and the rights of your family during a time of need.  Whether your case is agreed upon and uncontested, or you are facing a highly contested divorce or custody case, we can help.


If you have suffered a loss of your legal rights due to a court decision in a family law matter, you may have the right to appeal. Learning whether or not you are eligible to file an appeal starts with a free consultation with an attorney. Bradley K. Williamson is an experienced and highly qualified attorney who can help you with an appeal if you feel you have been aggrieved in a family law suit.


A vast majority of cases settle through the mediation process. Bradley K. Williamson offers his services as a credentialed mediator to help bring your case to a resolution, regardless of the complexity or scope of the issues.   

If you are interested in utilizing the services of Bradley K. Williamson to help mediate your case and bring your conflict to a mutually acceptable conclusion, contact us today at 254-634-0604 to schedule your mediation